Commercial/Retail Brands. SunSui’s humble beginning as a residential, restaurants, and office drinking water provider has now evolved as a water retail brand provider. 

Even with the new bottling plant and business model, SunSui will never leave its retail customers because of the the years of trust and confidence these partners/customers has extended the SunSui brand. SunSui will continue to be seen in the commercial and retail area with more factory brands and variants.

Customized / OEM Bottled Water. Sun Sui Water offers customized private labeled bottled water for all types of business and events. We are enthusiastic about presenting you with a creative way to market or advertise yourself, your organization, your company, your products and your services. Our custom private label bottled water is considered a “Walking Billboard” that allows our customer to leave with you company name, logo message and contact information in their hands.

There is no easier and more effective way to spread your brand than on a healthy bottle of water. We serve a wide array of industries, including national casinos, grocery, mass distributors, wholesale clubs, drugstore chains, hospitality and more!

We also design private labels for special occasions, including wedding, birthday parties, holidays and even family reunions. Whether it’s for publicity, promotion, marketing, internal use or a specific event, Sun Sui Water custom labeled bottle water is a one-stop shop, giving our customers with a fully integrated services from conceptualization, design and implementation.